How the Organized Routine™ Routinizes the Work That Elevates Success in Your Business, Family, and Personal Life

Looking for a simple way to keep all your business, family and personal tasks assigned, accounted for, and accomplished? Looking for an easy way to keep your employees organized, accountable, and on the same page?

This easy-to-read book will introduce you to the Organized Routine™ — a simple, powerful method for managing all the ordinary but necessary recurring tasks it takes to keep your life running smoothly.

The Organized Routine helps people like you replace massive, high-cost thrusts of episodic effort with simple, quiet, low-cost effort. This engaging book reveals the powerful principles behind the Organized Routine in simple language that's easy to understand and implement.
Routinized is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audiobooks
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Routinized is your official guide to the Organized Routine

Routinized not only helped me understand the principles and power behind the Organized Routine, it gave me a practical guide to getting the mountains of maintenance tasks out of my head and into a structure I now easily and confidently delegate to my staff.”

Tom Brett, CEO - The Bretts Show

A Book For Every Business Manager ...

Routinized dives in to the challenges all business managers face as they try to get work done through others: keeping everyone on the same page, holding everyone accountable, keeping responsibilities clear, maintaining quality, retaining processes when someone leaves the team, and explaining processes when someone joins the team.

Routinized provides you with the tools you need to effectively implement Organized Routines across all aspects of your team, helping you and your employees work better on the business and in the business.

... Based On Real-Life Experience

Rick wrote Routinized based on his 35+ years of experience starting, growing, and selling his own businesses, as well as from his 2,000+ consulting projects for hundreds of businesses across the country. He has developed, tested, and perfected the structure and process of Organized Routines through decades in the trenches.

From his vast experience, Rick distills the critical concepts into simple, straightforward examples and anecdotes that drive home the principles and power of Organized Routines.

A Word From The Author

“Everything we want or need to achieve in life takes work. But I see too many people work too hard to achieve their goals and accomplish too little and be too frustrated along the way.

I've written Routinized to help you achieve even more success not by brute force, overworking, or painful work, but by good work, effective work, and fulfilling work. The possibilities for success in our business, family, and personal lives are limited only by our ability to envision them and use Organized Routines to achieve them."