Welcome to the Organizational Revolution

It’s time to advance how we organize our lives—at home and at work, in our families and in our businesses.

We live in an absolutely amazing time. Technology, business management theories, and personal development systems continue to advance at an astonishing rate. Yet with all these advancements we continue to find ourselves busier, more stressed, more frantic, and more frustrated than ever. What’s missing? An equally advanced method of organizing our lives so we can use this ever-increasing abundance of knowledge to create more fulfilling lives.

As useful as they are, the to-do lists we all use haven’t advanced. Yes, many have migrated from sticky notes and planners to synced notes and apps, but to-do lists at best don’t keep us organized and most often end up as little more than disconnected, incomplete mishmashes of constantly reprioritized to-dos—even if shared electronically. We need something profoundly different. We need something profoundly better.

“Many to-do lists have migrated from sticky notes and planners to synced notes and apps, but they still haven’t advanced.”

We need a process that gives us both the big picture—the dreams we have for our lives—and the structure and type of detail necessary to make these dreams happen. We need a system that helps us overcome the mountains of details and to-dos that often overwhelm us and stop us from being successful. We need a simple, powerful approach that helps us take charge of our lives, work with others easily, and have time to do what we really want to do. We need a structure for commoditizing the work we all do so we can stop creating to-do lists from scratch and start completing the tasks we already know need to be done. We need a tool that breaks down the work we need to do—and the goals we want to achieve—into simple daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. We need to bridge the gap between where we are now to where we really want to be in every aspect of our lives.

In short, we need an Organizational Revolution. We need a world with no more random to-do lists, no more useless job descriptions, and no more frustration working with others; a world where everyone’s on the same page, everything gets done, and everyone succeeds. We need a world where we don’t have to start over every day, where we don’t have to wonder if we’re forgetting something, and where we don’t have to run around putting out fires all day; a world where our tasks are assigned, accounted for, and accomplished.

How do you start your Organizational Revolution? Tactick.

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