The 4 Pistons of Business: How to Keep Your Company Running Smoothly

Competing priorities are a constant in business. Here’s how to keep them coordinated.

Most business owners understand that their business needs a good product, a market that knows about and wants the product, sufficient money to keep the business alive, and effective people to keep the other three areas working together. But business owners—everywhere from startups to big businesses—rarely have inclinations to drive all four areas equally. Why? Because practically all business owners have business propensity—the inclination or tendency to focus on the area of the business that is their strength. While it’s natural to want to concentrate on what you’re good at, ignoring or neglecting any of the four areas creates a number of serious problems. A business too heavy in product tends to have low sales. A business too heavy in marketing tends to overspend. A business too heavy in finance tends to take too few risks. A business too heavy in people tends to micromanage.

Whether we like it or not, and whether we personally enjoy or are good at them or not, all four business drivers are equally important. Like the pistons in an engine, the business’ product, market, money, and people have to work in concert to keep the business running smoothly. Large businesses solve the business propensity problem by hiring people with specific inclinations and strengths to manage each area, and often have large teams dedicated to each one. But what about small businesses who can’t afford separate managers dedicated to each area? How can small businesses compensate for business propensity when only a handful or sometimes just one person is tasked with keeping all four areas of the business not just running but growing? By organizing and executing the routines that keep all four drivers working efficiently.

“Like the pistons in an engine, the business’ product, market, money, and people have to work in concert to keep the business running smoothly.”

What do we mean by routines? Sets of simple recurring tasks, like these basic routines for your business. To keep your product improving, have a daily product check-in, a weekly product update meeting, and a monthly product strategy session. To keep your market growing, have a daily social media post, a weekly marketing metrics review, and a monthly marketing strategy session. To keep your money flowing, have a daily bank balance check, a weekly expenses update, and a monthly financial review. To keep your people working, have a daily update call, a weekly team lunch, and a monthly team activity. Yes, these are small and simple tasks, but just step back for a second and envision how much better each area of your business would run if you actually did the daily tasks every day, the weekly tasks every week, and the monthly tasks every month—in other words, if you did the routines routinely. Your results always improve when you use routines because success isn’t about some one-time, Herculean effort; success is about actually doing the simple things again and again and again.

Setting up and sticking to routines not only helps businesses run smoothly, routines prime businesses for growth because they provide a solid organizational and operational foundation. Businesses that use Tactick to build and maintain their routines are able to spend less time on keeping the business running and more time on confidently growing the business. We don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk. We use Tactick to help us keep our own product, market, money, and management routines alive and thriving – and you can, too! Try Tactick now through the end of next month for free for you and everyone in your business! It’s time to start experiencing the elevated productivity and peace of mind through routines!

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