The 3 Words That Keep Your Marriage Strong (No, They’re Not ‘I Love You!’)

Want a stronger marriage? These 3 words will make it happen.
All strong structures need, well, structure. This is pretty obvious when talking about buildings: you can’t build a strong building on a weak foundation or without strong walls. You can try, of course, but sooner or later things come crashing down. The same is true of organizations: you can’t build an enduring organization, even a simple one, with an unstable structure. Again, you can try, but sooner or later the organization crumbles. What is often not as obvious is how much relationships—especially marriages—depend and thrive on structure.

What does this structure look like in strong marriages? Organized Routines. What are Organized Routines? Sets of recurring tasks that keep life running smoothly, like the tasks you need to do again and again to keep your kitchen clean, your laundry done, and your finances healthy. Organized Routines help marriages grow strong in several ways.

First, Organized Routines help externalize the hundreds of assumptions and expectations both spouses bring with them into the marriage—expectations about whose job it is to do what when—about everything from who empties the dishwasher each day, which spouse will fold the laundry every week, and who will make sure the bills always get paid. Second, Organized Routines help couples calibrate their expectations about all these large and small pieces of their marriage, resulting in less frustration, contention, and power struggles. Organized Routines not only bring more understanding, harmony, and fulfillment to your day-to-day interaction, they also create culture and tradition in your marriage.

“What are Organized Routines? Sets of recurring tasks that keep life running smoothly.”

So how do you make Organized Routines come alive in your marriage? Three simple words: each, every, and always. When a couple knows that each morning they eat breakfast together, every Friday they go out together, and that they always touch base on their finances, they not only have more reliability in their schedules, they also have something to look forward to. While there can be some resistance to overcome when starting or adjusting a routine, couples naturally embrace them because Organized Routines provide the structure marriages need to grow and stay strong.

Our software—Tactick—is built specifically for these each, every, and always tasks. What’s more, Tactick has a library with dozens of Organized Routines already built out. From organized morning routines and mealtime routines to organized cleaning routines and courting routines, Tactick brings the power of each, every, and always to all aspects of your marriage. Sign up now!

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