The 3 Words That Create Structure for Your Kids!

Want better structure in your kids’ day-to-day lives? These 3 words will make it happen.

All good structures need, well, structure. This is pretty obvious when talking about buildings: you can’t build a strong building on a weak foundation or without strong walls. You can try, of course, but sooner or later things come crashing down. The same is true of organizations: you can’t build an enduring organization, even a simple one, with an unstable structure. Again, you can try, but sooner or later the organization breaks down. What is sometimes not as obvious is how much individuals—especially kids—depend and thrive on structure.

What does this structure look like for kids? Routines. Routines help kids grow in several ways. As the national nonprofit organization Zero to Three points out, routines help babies and toddlers learn self-control, bring you and your kids closer together and reduce power struggles, and guide positive behavior and safety. Routines also help children cope with transitions, help parents provide a great environment for learning, and are fulfilling for both parents and kids. Routines not only bring consistency to your kids’ day-to-day lives, they also create culture and tradition in your family.

“What are Organized Routines? Sets of recurring tasks that keep life running smoothly.”

So how do you make routines come alive for your kids? Three simple words: each, every, and always. When a child knows that each morning they eat breakfast before playing with their toys, every Friday they play at the park, and that Mom and Dad always read them a book before bedtime, they not only have more reliability in their schedule, they always have something to look forward to. While there can be some resistance to overcome when starting a routine, children naturally embrace routines because routines provide the structure kids’ bodies, minds, and spirits need to grow strong.

Our software—Tactick—is built specifically for these each, every, and always tasks. What’s more, Tactick has a library with dozens of routines already built out. From morning routines and playtime routines to mealtime routines and learning routines, Tactick brings the power of each, every, and always to all aspects of your child’s life—and yours. Sign up now!

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