The 2 Letters that Make or Break Every One of Your Goals

Whatever your goals are, making them happen comes down to these two letters.

Whenever we make goals we look into the future and see a place where we want to be. It’s like we’re standing at the edge of a river and our goal is just on the other side. When our goals are small, the river is little more than a trickle and we can easily reach the other side in a single step. But the larger the goal the larger the river—and the louder that voice inside us starts to rationalize why it’s better to just stay where we are. “Look at how deep and wide this river is! There’s no way you’ll make it! Remember the last time you tried to cross this river? What’s so special about the other side anyway? Why not wait and see if the river gets smaller? Look, it’s safer to just stay right here. Forget about what’s over there, it’s not so bad on this side anyway, right?” Of course, what that voice forgets is that the river will never get any smaller and that the other side is really where we want to be!

In all aspects of our lives, this tension between where we are and where we want to be doesn’t last forever—we always resolve it: either by reaching the other side of the river or by convincing ourselves that for whatever reason staying put is the better choice. In other words, we either upgrade our current effort to meet our goals, or we downgrade our goals to meet our current effort. It’s at this moment of decision at the river’s edge that two letters help us easily build a bridge that can lead us to the other side, no matter how deep and wide the river. What are they? “ly”.

“We either upgrade our current effort to meet our goals or we downgrade our goals to meet our current effort.”

These two letters break down the otherwise overwhelming leap over the river into simple, manageable steps. Think of any personal, family, or business goal you’ve wanted to achieve—whatever it is, however large or small it is, however many people it involves—and ask yourself: What simple things could be done daily to help make this goal happen? What simple things could be done weekly, monthly, and yearly? Together, the answers to these “ly” questions create a bridge that spans the river, making it possible to reach the goal on the other side. The larger the goal the more structured your bridge needs to be, but because each step is aligned with the others, you’ll have a pathway to your goal and can confidently tell that rationalizing voice in your head to shove it.

Our software—Tactick—not only organizes your goals into routines with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks, it has a library with dozens of personal, family, and business routines that have all the “ly” tasks already built out. This means you, your family, and your staff can stop stressing at the river’s edge and start crossing the bridges to where you really want to be!

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