The 4 Types of Tasks and How to Tackle Them

When we bucket our tasks the right way, our work is easier to do and actually gets done. Our day-to-day lives tend to be so filled up with tasks and we focus so much on chipping away at them that we often give little or no thought to our approach. Yes, most of us sort […]

[Feature Update] View All Organizations

This feature update lets you see your tasks across all your Tactick Organizations all at once. One of Tactick’s core features is the automated task lists that come from the Organized Routines™ you’ve set up in your Organizations. Once you’ve set up the recurring tasks that fulfill a job, responsibility, or goal in your Organization […]

The 3 Words That Create Structure for Your Kids!

Want better structure in your kids’ day-to-day lives? These 3 words will make it happen. All good structures need, well, structure. This is pretty obvious when talking about buildings: you can’t build a strong building on a weak foundation or without strong walls. You can try, of course, but sooner or later things come crashing […]