[Feature Update] Assign Tasks to Multiple People

This feature update lets you make Organized Routines™ that have tasks assigned to multiple people. One of Tactick’s core features is the ability to assign recurring tasks to people on your team. These assignments are the foundation for the accountability and analytics provided on the Tasks and Progress screens. We recently added the ability to […]

[Feature Update] New Task Statuses & Accountability Tracking

These new features are sure to make you even more motivated to better account for your recurring tasks and achieve more of your goals. One of the most popular features inside of Tactick is the ability see real-time analytics for the routine tasks you and your teammates have completed. A summary of these analytics appears […]

[Feature Update] View All Organizations

This feature update lets you see your tasks across all your Tactick Organizations all at once. One of Tactick’s core features is the automated task lists that come from the Organized Routines™ you’ve set up in your Organizations. Once you’ve set up the recurring tasks that fulfill a job, responsibility, or goal in your Organization […]