The 3 Ways to Keep Accountability Consistent in Your Business

The path to lasting success in business is paved with accountability. Implement these 3 accountability principles at work to get and stay on track.   Whenever we expect something from someone—be it our employees, our spouse, or even ourselves—we earnestly want that person to take responsibility, to follow through, to be accountable. But we often […]

The 4 Pistons of Business: How to Keep Your Company Running Smoothly

Competing priorities are a constant in business. Here’s how to keep them coordinated. Most business owners understand that their business needs a good product, a market that knows about and wants the product, sufficient money to keep the business alive, and effective people to keep the other three areas working together. But business owners—everywhere from […]

Tired of Making More Plans than Progress? Try This!

Feel like your life moves two steps forward and three steps back? Use this to break the cycle of frustration and start making real progress. With the frantic pace of the modern world, our lives can be both brutally busy and frequently frustrating. Day in and day out, we continually make and remake to-do lists […]

The 4 Types of Tasks and How to Tackle Them

When we bucket our tasks the right way, our work is easier to do and actually gets done. Our day-to-day lives tend to be so filled up with tasks and we focus so much on chipping away at them that we often give little or no thought to our approach. Yes, most of us sort […]

The 3 Words That Make Your Job Run Smoothly

Want more stability in your job? These 3 words will make it happen. All good structures need, well, structure. This is pretty obvious when talking about buildings: you can’t build a strong building on a weak foundation or without strong walls. You can try, of course, but sooner or later things come crashing down. The […]

Welcome to the Organizational Revolution

It’s time to advance how we organize our lives—at home and at work, in our families and in our businesses. We live in an absolutely amazing time. Technology, business management theories, and personal development systems continue to advance at an astonishing rate. Yet with all these advancements we continue to find ourselves busier, more stressed, […]